Jewellery Insurance

Once you have purchased your Michael Arthur jewellery, we advise purchasing insurance as soon as possible. Jewellery insurance is extremely important and will give you that piece of mind you need when owning an expensive luxury item. There are many companies that specialise in jewellery insurance so do some research to find one that services your state/country.


If you are based in Australia we highly recommend Centrestone Jewellery Insurance. They offer the most comprehensive insurance in the market for your precious jewellery and timepieces.

Centrestone provides comprehensive cover against damage, loss and theft – anywhere, anytime. Unlike some insurers, in the event of a claim they send the replacement job back to your preferred jeweller to ensure the same level of quality and workmanship.


Centrestone Policy Features

  • Deal with your preferred jeweller for any remake or repair
  • If an item cannot be replaced for the insured value, we will cover an additional 25%
  • Revaluation of your jewellery every year to match replacement cost
  • Flat fee of $50 on all claims
  • You are assigned a dedicated team member to handle the claims and remake process from start to finish
  • Cover for accidental loss, damage and theft
  • Add wedding bands, additional jewellery or watches to your existing policy
  • All specific details of insured items are stored securely for instant retrieval when needed
  • Instant cover for your precious jewellery
  • Worldwide travel cover

*View your insurance PDS to compare our policy

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