Ethical Diamonds

Every piece of diamond jewellery we produce at Michael Arthur is certified and conflict-free. This means we purchase them from clean, legitimate sources we know and trust and who operate under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the System of Warranties.

This is serious behind-the-scenes business to ensure all diamonds Michael Arthur provides you with are purchased under the highest ethical standards.


The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

This international scheme was established and implemented by the United Nations in 2003 as an effort to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds (also known as ‘blood’ diamonds):

  • It outlines the regulations and all requirements that help prevent all sorts of illegal diamond trading.
  • It guarantees that any imported diamonds come with government-validated Kimberley Process certificates stating the diamonds are conflict-free.
  • It confirms all diamonds have been transported from the source in sealed containers that are tamper resistant.
  • The Kimberley Process members account for approximately 99% of the global production of rough diamonds.


The System of Warranties

The System of Warranties is the diamond industry’s process to further guarantee that any diamonds that make their way to individual jewellers are conflict-free. When diamonds are imported into a country and are ready for trade are certified by companies such as GIA, HRD or DCLA who can guarantee that the stones are conflict free. Diamond dealers can provide warranty statements guaranteeing the loose diamonds, or the complete diamond jewellery, came from a legitimate source and are conflict-free.

In fact, all diamond traders and diamond manufacturers must keep copies of their invoices for the annual audits.