When you purchase a piece of jewellery at Michael Arthur you will automatically receive a *10 year warranty on your item. 

Our warranty includes: 

  • Cleaning
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Re-Polishing
  • Tightening of claws
  • Complimentary replacement of small stones in the band or halo in any engagement ring or wedding ring if no damage is present


At Michael Arthur we take great pride in using the greatest quality for all of our products.  If for any reason there is a manufacturing defect that requires work not covered under our warranty we will happily examine the item and advise what needs to be done to correct the problem and if any charges will be applied. Please note, you the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs and Michael Arthur does not take any responsibility for any loss or damages to the piece during its shipment to our Sydney office. It is up to you the customer to purchase insurance for the delivery if you want to ensure it’s safety. 


*Please be aware that our 10 year warranty does not cover physical damages or loss at the hands of you the customer to the item, general wear and tear (including scratch marks, dents, material mis-shaping) or if the piece has been taken to another jeweller and been tampered with. To avoid disappointment we highly recommend insuring your item with a specialist insurance company such as www.centrestone.com.au.